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We are Transformation Group, LLC. We are here to help business thinkers like you.

Founded in March 2017, Transformation Group, LLC, is dedicated to helping big brands develop and implement Mixed Reality (MR) strategies, a trend about to explode when Apple releases its new iPhones and iOS 11 in September.

 We believe Apple AR will soon transform businesses as profoundly as the iPhone did a decade ago. Spurred by Apple's ARKit developer's kit, we believe that a decade from today the center of digital commerce and life will have migrated from today's handsets to tomorrow's VR and AR headsets--or smart glasses, as they will be called. 

We exist to educate and assist brands to understand, plan and implement strategies to make this vital transformation. 

Our new consulting business is a direct outgrowth of our critically acclaimed, best-selling, tech business book, The Fourth Transformation—How Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything, (December, 2016). We spent over two years researching the topic, and have concluded that the world's biggest, brightest and best funded companies will drive this great migration far faster than the previous transformation from the desktop computer to the mobile phone. We drew this conclusion after  talking extensively to tech pioneers and thinkers and deeply researching technology trends.

When global brands need to change directions, as is the current case, it's like changing the course of a supertanker, travelling on a stormy sea, moving at full course. It takes a lot of time and a lot of adjustment. Transformation Group is designed to make this adjustment as precise and painless as possible. We begin by researching our clients, their competition and their markets. Then we provide educational programs to get senior and operational brand teams to understand what is happening and to develop adjustment strategies.

Once all that is agreed to, we enter an implementation phase designed to provide products and programs that help our clients provide Mixed Reality solutions before competitors are offering it and customers are demanding it.

Transformation Group (TG) is small and plans to remain small. To serve world-leading global clients we have created a steadily expanding team of partners who add expertise in everything from creating neuroscientific customer profiles, to providing the first VR/AR usability studies, to developing custom Unity-based products, proprietary research, niche expertise and even legal expertise on Mixed Reality issues.

The world is changing: New technologies are driving major changes between brands and shoppers. During these times, unknown startups have risen to prominence, while leading brands have disappeared into oblivion. Our job is to ensure  your company will not become the next Sears or KMart. 

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