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We are a new company in a new field looking for clients who are just starting in a direction that will fundamentally alter  their businesses. Our services are focused on helping big brands get started on a journey that may take years to complete. Here is a sampling of our sources in the order they will usually be delivered.


We will spend a day or two with key company decision makers, often meeting one-on-one with each executive. Our goal is to assess levels of Mixed Reality understanding and commitment. What we learn will allow us to customized content for our half-day workshops.

Executive Briefings

Quite simply, we come in and brief the key executive team members on the parts of our two years of research and analysis that apply specifically to business and market categories such as retail, healthcare, education, entertainment, education and training, etc. This may be followed up by proprietary reports to a company featuring, not just our own finding but the data crunching analytics of our partner ARtillry.


We design our workshops  to fit the needs of each corporate audience: there is no cookie-cutter presentation. Yours will be designed to explain how Mixed Reality can be used by any particular brand. When possible, we will prepare reports on Mixed reality activity in your market category. We  may include guest speakers who have special expertise applicable to your needs.

Strategic Plans

Following these two activities, we will develop an overall strategy for transforming your brand into Mixed Reality. When applicable, it will recommend other vendors--often from our list of affiliates who bring a wide range of expertise from legal, to product development, creative studios and niche experts. We even work with neuroscientists who can explain how your technologies may impact the human brains.  

Retained Brand Advisors

You can retain Transformation Group as general Technology, Business and Strategy advisors on an as-needed basis for a set monthly fee for basic services. If you chose to use us for Workshops,  Webinars or time intensive other projects you will enjoy a reduced rate on those projects.

Custom Webinars

To overcome geographic barriers, we also create custom webinars just for your company. They address timely events that are likely to require strategic response from brands wishing to stay a little ahead of their customers. Our first is scheduled for late June 2017, called After the Boom. It focuses on the impact of the Apple Developer's Conference launch which we predict will drive Mixed Reality into the mainstream of consumer use, and in doing so, will force leading brands to adjust strategy if they wish to attract millions of younger customers.

What's next after that? It's up to you. This is all very new and we are figuring it out as this dynamic, bt nascent market unfolds.

Retained StartUp Advisors

While TG's main focus will be brands, we also offer our services to early phase companies who have received angel or seed financing. Scble will provide advice in tech strategies and Israel will provide the expertise from his 20 years helping companies like Sun Microsystems and the the developers of Powerpoint establish strong competitive positions in the marketplace.