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Other Things on My Calendar

Next week Mike Butcher and I are gonna be in Moscow together speaking at this tech conference there. What trouble could we get into in Russia? Heh.

Should I tell them that my dad Bill Scoble worked on the radiation shielding on the microelectronics in our military satellite, Milstar, still in use, because we thought they might want to throw a nuke into the sky to knock out all of our electronics? I never imagined I'd be going to Moscow when I was a kid because of his work. Details on the satellites are here (designed to be used only a decade they are still going 20 years later, guess my dad and the team he was on did a good job!)

What a weird life I've had and still am having.

Today, I was walking around Stanford University with a senior student there who is working in immersive media. Such an interesting place, but didn't come away with any media. Hopefully later this year, takes time to build relationships and get PR approval and all that. What a great day and then hung out with Rob Castaneda, who runs ServiceRocket. Shel Israel and I are working on some stuff with it we'll announce soon.

Other things on my calendar?

  • Sept 4: Speaking at Digital Raign Reality Summit
  • Sept 12: Keynoting at Mobile World Congress in SF
  • Sept 13: Panel at Looker Conference in SF
  • Sept 18: Keynoting Switch in Singapore
  • Sept 30: Speak at GloCon in SF
  • Oct 4: MarTech keynote in Boston
  • Oct 5: Idaho Virtual Reality Council keynote
  • Oct 9: Keynote at Data and Marketing Association in New Orleans
  • Oct 24: Speak at Sonatype in SF
  • Nov 5: Speak at Techonomy
  • Nov 7: Speak at Web Summit in Lisbon
  • Nov 10: Run panel at F.ounders in Lisbon
  • Nov 14-18: Autodesk AU
  • Nov 17: Speak at I Am VR AR
  • Nov 30: Speak at TechBeach in Caribbean
  • Jan 6-14: CES

Are you building augmented reality? Let me know! I am looking for companies to feature in talks and online.

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