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My look back at my visit to Kopin

My look back at my visit to Kopin (I made the above photo on a visit back in January 2014), which is rumored to be working with Apple on a pair of smart glasses, along with Zeiss on a pair of optics. 

Have you followed Apple AR World that Shel Israel and I are building yet? Next month is going to be big!

You've heard rumors about Apple glasses that use Kopin screens and Zeiss optics. What might those look like? Well, these were Kopin's state of the art screens way back in February 2014 (above is my photo I took from way back then). 

You can see my video interview with Kopin's founder from back then here: 

When we say the first Apple glasses won't have augmented reality (as Matt Miesnieks shared yesterday) this is what we mean.

These screens are too small for doing great augmented reality like, say, a Microsoft HoloLen can do. 

But they come with several advantages:

1. Can be hidden easily in eyeglass frames so won't look "dorky."

2. Very battery efficient. These screens had battery life of about eight hours three years ago.

3. Can be made in mass quantities. After all they really aren't bleeding edge technology anymore.

4. Can be made cheaply. Retail price should be between $498 and $750.

5. Will get us used to using our phones just a little less.

6. Very lightweight. The HoloLens comes in at 1.28 pounds. I can't wear it for more than an hour before it starts giving me a headache. These are going to be three ounces or so. 

Kopin also showed me really amazing microphones. So, if Apple buys their screens and their microphones such a contraption would be a really great way to bring a new Siri to all of us and would make the Amazon Echo much less interesting to our lives.

Is this Tim Cook's "I have one more thing to show you" next month?

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