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Get The Fourth Transformation Kindle Edition for only $3.99

I am happy to announce a special Summer Sale for The Fourth Transformation, my most recent book with Robert Scoble. The Kindle version is usually $9.99. This week only, you can get it for the ridiculously low price of $3.99.


It's an escalator sale. Next week, we will raise the price to $4.99. The week after that $5.99, and so on, for six weeks when the price will be restored to its rightful place of $9.99.

I recommend you buy at least one copy for every member of your family and perhaps one for each digital device.

More seriously, the book describes the coming transformation into Mixed Reality technologies. All of this will escalate enormously come September when IOS 11 and Apple AR come roaring into the reality of 300 million people with AR ready iPhones.

What does this mean to you, your family and your work? You can find much of the answer right now for just measly $3.99 and a quick visit to

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