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Invitation to Pitch Me

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For the past few weeks I have been putting an increasing amount of time into AR Business News, my newsletter for business thinkers. 

A lot of the effort has been to build followers, particularly newsletter subscribers. This is coming along nicely, and I have a growing readership of high quality readers and each issue seems to be better received than the previous one.

I am ready to expand the scope and scale and for that I need the help of the business and AR communities. I want you to tell me about topical stories you would like me to write about. I would also like you to send me links to content you feel will be relevant to my business audience.

If you are a marketing or PR person, this is my first-ever invite for you to pitch me. I am looking for use cases on how businesses are using or will use AR/VR technology to improve customer experiences, employee training, service, support and marketing.

I am looking for:

  • Anything involving ARKit and business for mobile phones.
  • Healthcare news on AR/VR
  • Non-gaming entertainment news, such as sports, story-telling, movies, etc.
  • AR/VR in advertising, activations, in-store experiences
  • AR/VR for any form of travel
  • AR/VR for commercial and residential real estate.

You can reach me through any of my online places, but for pitches, I still prefer old-fashioned email:

Shel IsraelComment