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ARtillry Intelligence Briefing: Tech Giants Tackle AR (free report)

A lot can be learned about augmented reality’s opportunity by examining the tech giants tackling it. And the past six months have seen a flood of activity.

To zero in on the most impactful moves, we’re releasing an ARtillry Intelligence Briefing today: Tech Giants Tackle AR. It examines Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

The main goal: Recognizing these giants’ positioning and priorities in order to indicate the market’s trajectory, fill gaps in the AR value chain and “skate to where the puck is going.”

There will continue to be rapid advancements in AR, meaning ongoing examination will be necessary. Meanwhile, this report is meant as a base for that knowledge position.

The report will be free for the remainder of July, then reside within a subscription content portal, along with other Intelligence Briefings and data. Click the image below to access it.

Disclosure: ARtillry has no financial stake in the companies mentioned in this report, nor received payment for its production. Disclosure and ethics policy can be seen here.

A version of this post originally appeared on ARtillry.

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