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Apple AR Will Trigger Our Transformation


It is just three short weeks since Apple announced ARKit, tools that allow developers to build AR apps for existing iPhones along with the new iPhone8 coming in the fall.  What does it mean for everyday people? What does it mean for brands and business thinkers,in  education and entertainment,  healthcare and brand marketing, logistics, employee training and everyday life? More selfishly, what does it mean to Robert Scoble, me and the transformation that we have predicted.

Let's answer that last question first. Robert and I believe that iOS 11, will be in at least one-quarter billion phones by the end of this calendar year. In its very first weekend, the iPhone will expand the number of quality AR devices in the global marketplace by orders of magnitude. There will be many thousands of AR apps available when users first boot up the new iOS 11 for the first time. Based on the plethora of useful, educational and fun apps that have already been produced by thousands developers in just the last two weeks, we believe the new iPhone8 will be as significant to AR in the next ten years, as the original iPhone was to the smartphone in the last ten.

For Transformation Group, we are centering our focus from today, moving forward almost exclusively onto Apple AR. It will remain there until other players introduce technology that promises to challenge Apple's dominant position in some ways that attractive to users and brands. In our view, Apple AR is the trigger point toward user adoption and pragmatic business strategies. Until now, VR/AR/MR has been an unfulfillable dream, one involving cumbersome devices with limited capabilities and uncomfortably high price points.

Now, Apple, the company who has driven the previous two user interface transformations as clearly taken the leadership position. In a few short months, everyday people all over the world will be experiencing AR in new and useful ways. If you are a brand some of them are your customers and prospects. If you are a large organization in any category, then they are your employees. 

Like the phone the early conversation has been about the technology. But the big news is that customer and employee experiences are literally about to embrace a new dimension, and 3D experiences provide a depth of innovation that is unprecedented.

Our first step came a couple of days ago, when without fanfare started a new Facebook Group page called Apple AR World.  We want this page to be the central focus for news and thought about Apple AR. For the time being, it will focus on tech and apps.  As brands begin to develop strategies and user cases evolve it will expand to report on the business of Apple AR.

 We plan to all sorts of stuff for the nearterm future. This includes:

  • AR Summits. We have begun planning a series of vertical executive summits. Over the rest of this year, we are planning half-day or day-long get-togethers with executive thinkers in retail, health, entertainment, corporate training & education. The idea is to share what we--and our expert partners-- know and to better understand the AR-related issues and opportunities for CEOs in each of these categories. We hope to have the first of these around the time of the iPhone 8 launch.
  • Webinars and Online Training. We have begun to plan out a series of educational online programs to educate executives on the coming AR challenges and opportunities.
  • Video Interviews. Robert and I are both planning to interview technologists, executives and influencers on the technologies, strategies and issues related to the expanding world of Apple AR. These also will start soon.
  • Executive Briefings. As of now, Robert and I are available to any brand for half-day sessions in which we brief executives on the opportunities that Apple AR can afford them in improving customer experiences and staff education. These are also available now and you can learn more by contacting me at 

This is just a start, but Robert and I are excited. Since we started Transformation Group, the focus of the new industry has been directionless. The issues that we saw when we started writing the book have not been resolved as quickly or effectively as we had hoped. Now we have a starting point It comes from the world leader n personal digital technology. There will be tens of millions of people using AR and wanting to use AR to do business.

We are very excited.


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