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It's Time to Set Mixed Reality Standards

The Verge has a good piece on setting Mixed Reality standards and I think it is about time. Let's look at what's going on.

Start with the SLAM (Simultaneous Location And Mapping) system. That's the new API and, unfortunately, it costs so much to develop that every company that does develop its own (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Uber, and every car company are developing their own) won't want to share.

That's where we need interoperability standards. After all, if you have to change glasses to see the Google World vs. the Apple World vs. the Tesla world vs. the Microsoft World that will really suck.

Good luck to the IEEE. My expectation? You'll be owned by one company in the end sort of like today where either we're on Android or we're on iOS.

Other things that will need to be standardized? A common set of user interfaces, a common set of audio instructions so that we all get the same spatial audio, a common set of eye sensor controls, a common privacy set of controls (when you walk into a bathroom or a gym with any of these glasses on they should stop any recording capabilities, for instance).

On top of that there will need to be standards for advertising systems, and other things. Lots of work ahead.

Interesting that my dad was an IEEE member for years. It does great work supporting engineering efforts and has done so for years.

Robert ScobleComment