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How Mixed Reality Will Seep into Your Life & Work Sooner Than You Think

Apple is coming out with a new phone that will have AR capability. Microsoft is building AR capability directly into Windows 10. Google is working on a new Operating System to replace Android it it is expected to have Mixed Reality capabilities.

Headsets grab headlines--as well they should. But more important is that the new capabilities will be components in the operating systems of the near term future.

People may buy a new device for all the usual reasons. But once it is in their hands there is a new capability, one the will accelerate the path into the Fourth Transformation.

What is your business going to do about it. Will it come early t the game or wait to see what a competitor does. Will it wait until younger customers come into your places of business expecting an experience that you cannot provide or will you start moving soon and aggressively so that you can be a pioneer and thought leader, rather than the Sears and JC Penny of the nearterm future.

Robert Scoble and I started Transformation Group to help brand category leaders keep ahead as the world of AR and VR becomes increasingly real, which is happening far faster than many people realize. Every day it seeps into business and life, while many brand decision makers are busy looking elsewhere.

There is a danger that when company thinkers turn around and notice this massive and imminent new disruption, it will be standing closer and looming larger than they realize.


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