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Reflections on Transformation Group's Third Week

Today begins the third week since Robert and I launched Transformation Group, LLC. It feels like a century has past. We have had so many encouraging talks with so many organizations.

Today, we will have our first partners meeting where we will discuss our first possible client, and an invitation to speak at a most prestigious event.

I had wondered how it would feel for me in changing my professional roles. I went into SXSW as a writer and I came home as a business consultant.

In our new business Robert's role remains similar to what it has been. He is the outside guy. He will continue to go all over the place meeting pioneers in Mixed Reality, reporting on cools stuff and presenting previews of the nearterm future.

But my role changes a little more. At Transformation Group, I am the business partner, the virtual glue that needs to hold things together, to ensure that clients get what they need to get from us, that we select the right partners, to help each client get what they need to join the the fourth transformation into Mixed Reality communications, marketing, and training.

For me it is a watershed shift. I have spent half my professional life as a writer and speaker and the other half as consultant and presentation coach.

I was a tad concerned about making the switch back to the role of business advisor and operations manager, but it seems like the switch was easier and more satisfying than I thought it would be. I am having a great deal of fun so far.

I also was concerned how this shift would impact the nature of my relationship with Robert. The answer is that we are getting along better than we ever have in the 13 years in which we have collaborated.

We have fewer bumps of ego and are clearer on our respective roles. We enjoy each other more than ever before. Our audiences tell us that they enjoy us more than ever, and the seaking invites just keep coming in.

One thing has not changed at all. Our meeting today will start at the Flying Fish Restaurant in Half Moon Bay. They have the best fish tacos this side of that little food truck you may have stumbled across if you ever have visited the little town of Lahaina, on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.

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