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I'm Researching Mixed Reality in Pro Sports. Can You Help?

I am not a golfer or golfing fan, but this use of a Hololens to enhance fan experience shown in the above video clip excites me because it demonstrates how Mixed Reality technologies such as VR, AR, AI, IoT, bots and autonomous vehicles are starting to change fan experiences as well as training and treating pro athletes.

I already have a fair amount to talk about, but I want to write as comprehensive a report as possible. I've interviewed the right people at the PGA and Julien Blin, co-founder of SV Sports Council has also been most helpful. But I want more. I want to write as comprehensive article on this topic as possible. In Transformation Group's view, Mixed Reality is a killer app for all of entertainment, and pro sports is among the segments driving it.

So if you can point me to people and content that can help, I would appreciate it. If you have a pithy or brilliant observation I can use in my report, please let me know. If you can connect me with the right folks at pro teams I would also be grateful.

If you give me something I can use, then I will send you a free signed copy of The Fourth Transformation, my recent book with Robert Scoble.

If you submit something I can use as a comment here, I will send you a free copy of The Fourth Transformation.

Thank you.

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