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25% of marketers are already looking at Mixed Reality

I could not even get past the first paragraph in this Forbes piece. Trade shows do not generate hype, so much as they allow newsworthy companies to demonstrate what they have that is new.

The hype comes from the people who see and experience new technologies. They are early adopters who very often influence others. In that light, these shows are previews of coming attractions and SXSW and CES are universally consider the best of these in North America.

The fact that 25 percent of Marketers are already interested in using AR is not an "only" issue. It shows a phenomenal rate of interest for new technology that is not yet generally in use by most consumers. To Robert Scoble and me, this is a compelling reason why brands should start understanding the potential for Mixed Reality technologies. It is why we began our consulting firm.

Shel IsraelComment