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How Facebook Accelerates the Transformation

I was off the grid for a couple of days last week dealing with a personal matter. Unfortunately, one of those two days was when Facebook's developer conference F8 was being held. Like last year, this event proved to be a watershed moment in the rapid and massive evolution of Mixed Reality technologies.

Robert Scoble was there. There is a great shot of him side by side with a smiling Mark Zuckerberg as evidence. Robert also shot and posted numerous pieces from the event which you can enjoy on his stream.

But for those of you who care about the future f Facebook and Mixed Reality, Brian Solis wrote the best comprehensive piece that I have seen, far better anything I saw from traditional media.

So if you missed F8 as I did, take a few minutes to read this. I don't know who you are or what you do, but there are hints and evidence about how your life and work will change. If you are a parent it will tell you much about your child's future. If you are an investor, it will tell you why you should invest nin not just Facebook, but the growing number of significant players in MR technologies.

One more thing: Brian recommends you also read The Fourth Transformation, my recent book with , which I think is a downright brilliant suggestion.

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