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Smurfs MR Trailer Shows Future of Brand Marketing

Sony has created a Mixed Reality trailer for their new Smurfs film,  giving kids and their families a new kind of marketing experience. What you see here is likely to become the way marketing reaches people, particularly young people.

If you work for a brand--any brand--you should consider how you will be reaching out to young people with VR and AR. More than that you should consider what the expectation will be for these young customers as they grow up.

What will their expectation be as adult shoppers? How will you be interacting with customers and Mixed Reality five and ten years down the line?

Will you start now to stay a little ahead of customer expectations, like Sony is doing, and like your competitors may soon be doing, or will you stick with today's best practices even as better practices are being developed?

Robert Scoble and I started Transformation Group, LLC to help brands stay ahead of customers and competitors. We help you become the first use case in your category--so that you do not get left behind.

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