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Transformation Group & Reality Science form Strategic Alliance


Robert and I met the founders of Reality Science, LLC at SXSW. Almost immediately, we wanted to partner with them.

They are a global collective of media psychologists, cognitive neuroscientists, PhDs and creative types who study the neurophysiological effects of immersive technologies and what that means for brands and their consumers. In non academic terms, they help brands understand the impact of immersive technologies on the human brain.

This nicely dovetails Transformation Group, LLC. We help those same major brands devise Mixed Reality (MR) strategies that change the experience of customers, partners and employees. 

While Reality Science focuses on the brain and Mixed Reality technology, we look at the business and Mixed Reality technology. Working together, we will give clients a more holistic perspective on their use of immersive technologies.

Reality Science is special to us. They understand the benefits and dangers of Mixed Reality's ability to fool the brain.

Mixed Reality can:

  • Fool people that they are moving at great speed, when they are actually standing still. This sometimes causes unwanted side effects such as nausea or vertigo—which no brand wants to inflict on customers;
  • Replace opiates as a pain reducer during surgery, where patients may blissfully float with dolphins, while incisions are being made.
  • Create the illusion that you are actually seeing—and touching—someone who is actually located thousands of miles away.

While Transformation Group builds strategies based on the tech and marketing, Reality Science explores the impacts emergent technologies have on consumers physically and psychologically. They use scientific best practices to responsibly inform design choices and they use research to help protect brands from common pitfalls. Today, it is on the leading edge. We think, a few years from today, their practice will be as fundamental to brand strategies as estimating the cost of ad spend or the cost of goods sold. It will be as much a factor in risk management as legal consultation.

Our client service strategy involves numerous best-of-breed partners who can provide all sorts of services to the brands we will serve. For example, add to the capabilities of TG and Reality Science, the incredible creative abilities of Groove Jones, another of our partners, and a brand can create immersive advertising, activations, an marketing programs, as well as employee training and customer services that are unprecedented in quality.

We are proud to add them to our growing number of TG affiliates, each of whom brings their own brand of specialized expertise to the MR roadmaps we develop with our clients.


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