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VR Locomotion How Long Must We Wait?

A good article on the challenges of VR Locomotion: how we move around while immersed in the new technology. But, I find myself disagreeing with David Yee, a recognized Oculus expert in the subject, who has produced several memorable VR experiences already, and implies in this article that true VR locomotion may still be 15 years away.
If locomotion were a problem for just Oculus, or any one entity to solve, I might agree.

But it is not just Lee or Oculus working on it. It is also Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, AliBaba and other leading brands and thinkers. It is promising challengers like Meta, Magic Leap and others we may not have yet heard about.

It is a challenge that every VR producer is dealing with. But, it is not just a technological issue, but one that involves understanding how the brain interacts with the technology, and many of these companies employ and contract neuroscientists.

In short, VR locomotion is an issue being addressed by some of the world's best minds, enjoying the resources of some of the world's largest war chests.
Each of these companies is competing with others fiercely: yet each understands the need for basic standards, and locomotion is among them,
I believe the problems related to locomotion will be resolved not in the next 15 years, but the next five, perhaps sooner.

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