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Groove Jones & Transformation Group Announce Strategic Partnership


When we met Groove Jones, a Dallas-based VR Design Studio, at last year's SXSW, Robert Scoble and I were blown away by their pioneering Tiltbrush VR Activation for McDonald's. We liked it so much that we included it in The Fourth Transformation to illustrate the future of marketing and advertising in the coming transformation.

Since then, Groove Jones has gone on to create pioneering VR initiatives for the likes of Intel, AT&T Comcast, Fx, Mastercard, Samsung and Nestle among others.

This year, we met up with a couple of the Groove Jones guys again, shortly after we launched Transformation Group at a Brand Breakfast attended by other respected brands such as USAA, Mercedes, GM, Disney, the Sacramento Kings, Nickelodeon and about 20 other brands.

We like the work they do and who they are doing it for.  They like our general knowledge and our unorthodox evangelic approach. They think our broad knowledge of Mixed Reality can help educate their clients.

Today, we entered into an affiliation with them where we will help their clients and they will be available to help ours as well.

It looks like the start of a great relationship.

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