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Transformation Group Launches at SXSW

What an incredibly uplifting experience Robert Scoble and I had today at our Transformation Group Launch breakfast for major brands. We had about 50 people hear us present on why we have started this new business to help big brands begin the complex process of developing go-forward strategies into the new Mixed reality era.

Sponsored by USAA, in their elegant new Austin-based Design Center, it was attended by brands like Disney, Nokia, GM, Mercedes, Google, Price Waterhouse, and more.

We also were joined by such influential industry luminaries as Guy Kawasaki, Sandy CarterSarah Wallace, Lionel Menchaca and others.

Our talk was very well received and Robert Scoble and I were buoyed by how it went. It is a little strange realizing that we are moving from being media people to a role as corporate consultants. We believe we can shift business models while retaining our informal and candid styles and the feedback today makes us very excited about our near term future.